The Digital Museum of China Diaoyu Dao, Designed and Established by Research Groups of FNU, Goes Online


On October 3, after 5 years of preparation, the digital museum of China Diaoyu Dao, designed and established by research groups from the Center for Studies of Fujian and Taiwan and the College of Chinese Language and Literature of FNU went online on the website of the National Marine Information Center (

Centering around the theme of Diaoyu Dao: History and Sovereignty”, the digital museum of China Diaoyu Dao comprises a preface hall and three exhibition halls, showcasing such contents as historical pictures, videos, literature, legal documents, physical simulations, various models, animation stories, news reports, and books and essays. The legal and historical basis for China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao was vividly demonstrated through the narrators explanations and the curators questions and answers. The exhibition halls in Chinese are available for now, and the exhibition halls in other languages such as English, Japan, French, will be ready when appropriate.

It is learned that the mainstream media, including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily Online and Guangming Online, reported the event as soon as the digital museum went online.

(Translated by Qiu Sisong/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)